Invoice your clients only for what they use

Key2Asset offers users a way to allocate costs based on specific use and link to a payment module. Usage could be defined here as: time, distance, fuel consumption, cost per kw/h, units used, etc.  

Let’s say you have an electricity outlet and would like to offer electricity to others. Your intention is to resell the energy at a premium and directly receive the money according to the usage. Key2Asset makes this possible – pre-paid or post-paid through customers using a mobile device.

Pre-Pay example: First, a user registers and buys ‘credits’ for a certain amount. Once there is money / credit loaded on the account, the user can connect with the Electricity Outlet (‘Asset’) through for example scanning a QR code (the phone will be identified) or through identification of the GPS location. The customer will then confirm he wants to start using electricity (“ON”). Next, the Key2Asset system will keep track of the usage. Once the consumer is finished using the Electricity Outlet he can confirm this in the application (“OFF”). The total usage is calculated and the costs associated will be charged to the users account. A connection with our API and a payment company as Adyen will be made and the credits / funds will be transferred to the owner of the Electricity Outlet. A user will receive a confirmation of the payment.

A customer can also be charged on a Post-Pay basis, in this case he will be sent an invoice or request for payment immediately after he finished using the electricity.  

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