more efficiency, insights and control with Key2Asset

On a construction site there is typically a lot of action. People working, material handing, machines in operation and energy being used.

Key2Asset maps all these activities and helps you become more efficient, effective and create a safer working environment.

How do we do this? By making your assets ‘smart’ through our hardware and platform. Bij simply installing our Unit or Tag on your asset and connecting to our platform you’ll be able to create tremendous value, as a client and/or contractor.

Using just one central dashboard you can (live) monitor, influence / control and automatically generate reports. Know exactly what your emissions are (or saved), actual operating hours, movement / activity, the location of an asset, who’s using it and who has access. Remotely turning on / off / managing assets is one of the many extra possibilities.

All data can be fed into your own systems using our API’s.

Key2Asset provides insights and keeps you (live) in control, especially when it comes to access control, monitoring and billing (if you want to allocate costs, pay-per-use).