Monitor, Analyse and Optimize You are in control

Once your assets are connected using our hardware and platform, you will want to start collecting the usage data, analyse these and take action accordingly.

In your Key2Asset user-dashboard you’ll quickly see and understand how your equipment is performing and this helps you to make decisions about adjusting settings on the assets.

If irregularities in the performance of an asset are measured, Key2Asset can trigger actions such as notifications / alarms. For example – if a fleet manager doesn’t want the asset to go outside a certain area, a geo-fence can be set up and an alert (text message) or alarm will be activated as soon as the vehicle moves out of range.

Monitoring also empowers you to start forecasting when maintenance should be done. By measuring usage and/or strain on your asset you can better predict when a machines has to be serviced or a part has to be replaced. This is helpful for your resource planning.

Another benefit of Key2Asset is that you can see on your dashboard when a moving assets is out of order or caused damage and also where it is or where it occurred.

Key2Asset can have an important impact on your equipment usage and resources.