The core of the Key2Asset solution is the platform that makes the connection. The connection with the network, your assets, systems and our hardware unit. 

The platform is web- / cloud based, mobile friendly and offers a clear and easy to use dashboard. Our ‘If-This-Than-That’ drag and drop structure is developed to make it super easy to select your settings and adjust these in order for you to get the right output, presented the way you want. 

The connection with the Unit can be made through WiFi, Bluetooth, Modem LTE-M, NBIoT, EDGE and GPRS and the Unit also has an integrated Sim card (e-Sim). 

Key2Asset also communicates with almost every protocol including Canbus, Linbus, Modbus etc. 

Key2Asset works only with telecom providers of the highest quality. Together with our own cloud servers we offer a secure, fast and reliable (global) connection.

Please contact us for full specifications.