When your company moves people or things, you are always trying to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and improve safety. Key2Asset enables you to do this.

Using the Key2Asset platform and hardware, you always know Where your assets are, Who are using them, and How they are used. 

Being able to locate your assets and knowing their availability helps you run your business more efficient. Using our newly developed dashboard you can see the status and location of your equipment, plus also go back and see who used it and when. 

In just a few minutes you can connect our hardware Unit to your assets and monitor how things are performing on the inside (temperature, battery power, wear of parts etc). This applies to moving assets (forklifts, trucks, cleaning machines, golf-carts etc) but also fixed assets and can be extremely beneficial to your (maintenance) planning.

Alerts can easily be set up to warn you if things do not perform as you want them to. 

Starting and scaling is extremely easy for any type and size of fleet, regardless of the model and make you are using. New or used.