Key2Asset provides the platform, technology and hardware to secure and access your building, premises and assets.

Manage who gets access to what and when. In your own Key2Asset dashboard you can easily (live) control on an individual level the exact times and days a person is given permission to use an asset or enter a specific area. This could be 24/7 or simply for a one time use only. Make changes, add and remove users anytime.

Access through the Key2Asset platform can be set up in different ways and the ‘key’ could be a card, tag, phone or a mobile app. A combination for extra security is also possible.

With entry to a building Key2Asset provides the connection between your access method (phone, card etc.) and the lock of your door and by reviewing the dashboard you can monitor who has entered, left or is still in the building. All this information is also stored in the (secure) cloud and can be retrieved on demand.

Securing your other assets such as forklifts can easily be done as well. Simply mount the Key2Asset unit to the dash, connect it to asset and the Key2Asset platform. This way only authorised (and certified) personnel can unlock, start and use the vehicle. You have live and remote control.