Facilitating Pay-Per-Use

Key2Asset offers a solution to facilitate new ways of allocating costs based on specific use. We cater to the growing demand for pay-per-use and help our customers create new opportunities and services.  

Using Key2Asset to accurately measure and monitor activity, the platform provides the possibility to link with your own invoicing/billing system and any Payment-Service-Provider (PSP) to facilitate payment and get paid.

Our customers in rental, mobility, energy, elevators, construction, warehousing/logistics, cleaning and access control can now allocate costs related to time, distance, fuel consumption, cost per kw/h, units used, movements, door openings etc.

Sijperda Verhuur decided to use the Key2Asset Platform to offer their customers a 24/7 pick-up and return rental service. Video is here: https://vimeo.com/456602870

Customers can download an app, reserve a piece of equipment, take it from the ‘smart’ locker (Key2Asset technology built-in) and return it when they are done. The client is charged only for the exact time the equipment was used and is asked to pay directly using the app. This can be set as a pre-paid or post-paid service. The customer is happy because they only pay for the use and our client is happy because they (can) get paid immediately. 

Key2Asset works directly together with leading PSP’s. 

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