Unmanned rental: A first for Sijperda Verhuur with Pay per Use model

In brief:

  • Sijperda Verhuur introduces new business model rental of tools and construction machines.
  • Tools and construction equipment available 24/7 with unmanned rental.
  • Technology calculates actual tool and construction equipment usage.
  • Costs are settled automatically, without the intervention of persons.

Amsterdam, September 29, 2020 – Only renting tools and construction machines per day is a thing of the past, if it is up to the dutch company Sijperda Rental. Together with fintech startup FINN and Key2Asset they are introducing pay-per-use; a new business model for renting and renting out equipment. Sijperda is the largest (business) rental company of construction machines and tools in the North of the Netherlands. Renters can now also collect and return tools and construction machines 24/7 via lockers. Technology in the tools and the lockers calculates the actual use and costs are settled automatically, without the intervention of persons.

Pay for usage

Service and quality are of paramount importance to Sijperda Verhuur. Thanks to the collaboration with FINN and Key2Asset, the company is now able to introduce a second way of rental for customers who need it. Where tools are usually rented per day, this can now also be done on the basis of actual use. In addition, the three parties expect that the number of contact moments between people with the new service will be kept to a minimum

André Buwalda, Financial Manager Sijperda Rental: “We have been the rental company for private individuals and companies in the North of the Netherlands for 30 years. And with this innovative step, we hope to enable even more people to take advantage of our offer. With this pay-per-use model we are faster, more flexible and for the time being the only one in the market to offer this. An excellent opportunity.”

How it works

By means of a special locker system, the renter can rent with Sijperda Verhuur at any time. A special app built by Key2Asset communicates with the locker and registers the start time of the rental. Next, the app connectswith FINN, a fintech startup from ING, at the time of return. This ensures that an autonomous payment takes place.

Arlette van Warmerdam, product lead at FINN: “Making customers pay for their actual use is a great way to innovate in this industry. We expect that pay-per-use payment models will have an enormous impact on many types of companies and the entire financial sector. Paying for use is a great way to gain a competitive advantage, as this partnership shows. ”

John Versmissen, CEO Giant Leap Technologies and founder Key2Asset: “For over 15 years we have been developing smart solutions for companies that want insight and control over their assets. In this collaboration, we demonstrate the broad deployability of our Key2Asset hardware and platform. From an access management system and user app to a dashboard and link with FINN – as a system integrator we often take care of the entire process and then continue to provide this service. That sets us apart from others.”