Key2Asset develops innovative rental and payment solution for Sijperda Verhuur.
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Flexible, Scaleable and In Control: The new Key2Asset Platform and Hardware.

Insights and overview.

Interested in immediately knowing where your assets are and who is using them? The technology and dashboard of Key2Asset make it possible at an instant, it is where everything comes together and is presented in a clear and precise way.

Monitoring usage, location, RPM’s, movement, hours in service and much more.

Not only what and where but also who and when. Is the asset being used longer than agreed? Or is it somewhere it’s not supposed to be? You are the first to know.

A world of possibilities and opportunities.

There are many industries where Key2Asset adds tremendous value. Below we highlight a few. Discover how Key2Asset benefits your organisation ánd your clients.

High Tech for today's use and ready for tomorrow.

The Key2Asset Unit: Smart, compact, robust and well equipped with the latest technology. Easy to install and within reach for everyone. Together with our platform it provides endless possibilities. Connect your assets and fleet and let all parts and components communicate. Designed to provide you with all the insights you need. Data is securely stored in the cloud and 24/7 available on your dashboard. Regardless of brand and age of your assets and properties.

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In control and having insight into what is happening with your assets?

A simple and brilliant billing solution?

Scalable, flexible and technology ‘within reach’?

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